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We offer tutoring in all subjects and disciplines for all grade levels.

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Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned instructor, we provide professional development services to teachers across the Greater New Orleans Area. Sign up and schedule for your session today!

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What Our Services Provide for Our Clients

Building Confidence

Because we enhance the minds of our youth, our scholars resonate the new confidence from the inside out.

Creative Expressions

We teach our scholars to use not only their intellect but their creative expressions through music, singing and dancing.

Builds Up Intelligence

We assist your scholar in learning their subjects in the manner that they’re most comfortable which increases their scores overall.

Interaction Methods

All people learn differently and children are no different! Some learn best hands on, through visual means or through audio lessons.

Our Environment

What it’s like to work with us

Teaching and learning is not one directional. Teachers are not the keepers of all the knowledge. Students of any age are the keepers of the knowledge. What does this mean? It means simply this, Educators seek to teach until it’s learned and in the process we learn and deepen our knowledge. Scholars show display what they’ve learned, when they are able to teach that skill to someone else. We are Enhancing Beautiful Minds, LLC we seek to teach and learn!

Areas We Serve: New Orleans Metropolitan & Surrounding Areas

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We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.
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Kemba Dupree

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